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      OriginIoT™ Application Kits
      Plug and Play

      OriginGPS / Application Kit (updated)

      OriginIoT™ Application Kit

      The APK (OriginIoT™ Application Kit) is a compact development and evaluation tool.
      Simply connect additional sensors and configure OriginIoT™ systems according to your project requirements.

      Compact and neat

      Multiple uses

      The miniature OriginIoT™ Application Kit to test and evaluate your innovations and new projects.

      Get familiar with the OriginIoT™ system functionality

      Connect, configure and evaluate new sensors

      Evaluate power consumption, battery capacity/dimensions

      Design and build prototype for your new product

      Everything you need to build your prototype – except a battery

      Item Prototype Checklist
      OriginIoT™ System
      OriginIoT™ Add-on
      SIM Card + Data
      Web GUI
      Micro USB + battery connector
      USB to FTDI (for debugging)