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      Asset Tracker

      Asset Tracker

      OriginGPS’ high-value asset tracking solution utilizes patented technology to perform cellular and GPS tracking and monitoring of business and personal assets with an unprecedented level of visibility, preventing theft, loss and tampering. A microswitch alerts if casing is opened, a light detector detects if package seals are damaged, and an onboard accelerometer enables tamper detection through movement. The embedded temperature sensor monitors goods during transportation.

      Suggested Applications

      • Cold chain logistics
      • Hazardous materials shipping
      • Real-time valuables tracking
      • High-value asset monitoring
        • Documents
        • Jewelry
        • Money
        • Art


      • Assets are monitored separately or in groups
      • Notification triggers on asset mishandling
      • Worldwide location tracking
      • Anti-theft mechanism
      • Microswitch Microswitch
      • GPS GPS
      • Motion Motion
      • Photoelectric Photoelectric
      • Temp Temp

      Asset Tracker - monitors valuable assets

      This miniature tracker is practically undetectable, and there’s nothing it can’t detect.


      OriginIoT™ systems enable developing IoT products without writing embedded code and without additional RF engineering. An integrated, miniaturized and rapid product cycle is created, dramatically reducing time to market.