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      Our tech recipe for the world’s smallest modules

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      GNSS technology

      GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) are satellite systems that are used to pinpoint the geographic location of a user’s receiver anywhere in the world. Each of the GNSS employs a different constellation of orbiting satellites and works in conjunction with a network of ground stations.

      OriginGPS’ expertise is in the rapid development of proprietary technologies that miniaturize GPS/GNSS modules and deliver exceptional GNSS performance. Our products support the whole range of multi-constellations.

      GNSS systems in operation

      United States' Global Positioning System
      Russian Federation's Global Orbiting Navigation Satellite System
      European Union’s global navigation satellite system
      China Peoples Republic of China’s Navigation Satellite System
      Japan’s Quasi-Zenith Satellite System is currently under development

      The following technologies are leveraged in OriginGPS solutions:

      • Unique antenna design: fully integrated modules with antenna
      • Antenna-module design: shielding for EMI
      • Unique module design: Noise Free ZoneTM System
      • Molding technology: withstanding shocks and vibration

      OriginGPS GPS/GNSS technology creates modules

      with the following characteristics:

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