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Industrial Engineer

OriginGPS is looking for an Industrial Engineering with 2-5 years experience to join the operations team and be part of an exciting innovative environment, developing and producing embedded devices and systems. The engineer will be responsible for production control and will work with the local and overseas hardware and software teams to create production processes, timetables and time-integrated plans to meet internal and external delivery schedules. They will also be responsible to manage vendors and ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.

Key Responsibilities

  • Review production schedules, engineering specifications, and process flows
  • Develop methods to manufacture parts or products, with maximum yield
  • Develop visual acceptance criteria for company products
  • Identify ways to streamline processes, while eliminating waste in time, money, materials, and energy
  • Resolve production problems
  • Assist in financial planning and cost analysis
  • Design methods to ensure product quality
  • Improve ways to distribute goods and services
  • Create sampling procedures and designs
  • Evaluate accuracy of production and testing equipment
  • Evaluate effects of product design changes


  • Degree in industrial engineering or other relevant field
  • 2-5 years experience in industrial engineering
  • Understanding of production processes, costs, quality control, raw materials and methods for maximizing efficient production
  • Knowledge of the ways various systems interact and how changes in operations, the environment and other conditions will affect outcomes.
  • Excellent English, spoken and written
  • A results-oriented team player who knows how to work independently

To apply for this position, please send your resume to: