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OriginGPS / Fleet Management Solution

Fleet Management Solution

OriginGPS’ fleet management solution utilizes patented technology to achieve overall optimization of a company’s fleet management process, improving transport efficiency and increasing productivity. OriginGPS solution enables companies which rely on transportation in business to improve efficiency and productivity and reduce overall transportation costs.

Suggested Applications

  • Vehicle monitoring
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Supply chain management
  • Smart bikes and scooters
  • Tracking and diagnostics
  • Driver speed and fuel management


  • Vehicle monitoring, individually or in fleets
  • Notification triggers on vehicle mishandling
  • Worldwide location tracking
  • Anti-theft mechanism
  • GPS
  • Motion
  • Temp
  • Barometer

Fleet Management Solution - reduces transport costs

This fleet management solution is ideal for specialist vehicles, forklifts, trailers, aviation machinery, ships and rail cars


OriginIoT™ systems enable developing IoT products without writing embedded code and without additional RF engineering. An integrated, miniaturized and rapid product cycle is created, dramatically reducing time to market.