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      Smart Padlock

      Smart Padlock

      OriginGPS smart padlock utilizes patented technology to secure business and industry assets which may be adversely affected by environmental factors or nearby machinery. Environmental factors are far reaching and include; hazardous substances in the air, water, and soil, waste disposal, and unsafe public spaces. Multiple sensors measure and alert regarding harmful matters, and cellular communication transfers the data to the cloud.

      Suggested Applications

      • Commercial buildings
      • Food transport
      • Gun safety
      • Healthcare facilities
      • IT systems and companies
      • Lockers
      • Nursing homes
      • Retail establishments
      • Schools
      • Security access control
      • Vehicle protection systems



      • Configurable query rate
      • Remote-controlled operations
      • Simple to configure low power modes
      • Detection and alerts for gasses at dangerous levels
      • Assets are monitored separately or in groups
      • Alerts may be rule-based or sent to single point of contact or group

      Environmental Sensors

      • Nitrogen dioxide NO2 0.05 - 10ppm
      • Carbon monoxide CO 1 - 1000ppm
      • Ethanol C2H5OH 10 - 500ppm
      • so-butane C4H10 >1000ppm
      • Methane CH4 >1000ppm
      • Propane C3H8 >1000ppm
      • Hydrogen H2 1 - 1000ppm
      • Ammonia NH3 1 - 500ppm

      Smart Padlock - monitors sensitive assets

      Secures assets and locations remotely and alerts regarding hazardous substances 


      OriginIoT™ systems enable developing IoT products without writing embedded code and without additional RF engineering. An integrated, miniaturized and rapid product cycle is created, dramatically reducing time to market.