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      Smart Baseball

      Smart Baseball

      OriginGPS’ smart baseball utilizes patented technology to measure baseball pitch variables to help athletes improve readiness and optimize performance. The solution provides raw data of pitches with limitless analytic possibilities. By consolidating this data into one number, pitch variables may be encapsulated to calculate baseball pitch quality. Motion data from every throw is transferred to the cloud via advanced cellular communication, where it may be monitored and analyzed to rate baseball players’ performance.

      Suggested Applications

      • Baseball training
        • Pitch evaluation, quantification and improvement
      • Scouting tool to draft baseball players
      • Ideal solution for cricket training



      • Measures pitch variables
      • Analyzes quality of pitch on the cloud
      • Monitors baseball pitchers separately or in teams
      • Tracks location of all baseballs

      Motion Sensors

      • Accelerometer
      • Gyroscope
      • Magnetometer

      • Speed
      • Trajectory
      • Location

      Smart Baseball - for a perfect pitch

      The baseball is stitched up with our secret ingredients inside and enables rating and comparing pitch vs pitch, game vs game, and player vs. player.


      OriginIoT™ systems enable developing IoT products without writing embedded code and without additional RF engineering. An integrated, miniaturized and rapid product cycle is created, dramatically reducing time to market.