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Path Planner

Path Planner

OriginGPS path planning solution utilizes patented technology to provide everything you need to navigate remotely. The solution includes an embedded camera with proximity sensors, ground detection and laser distance sensors, which together allow you to scan areas and locate safe ground from anywhere in the world. It can find a secure path for troop deployment and training, and even for those seeking recreational activities. The path planning solution communicates with a server via advanced cellular communication, and so the distance of the operator from the device is no longer a factor.

Suggested Applications

  • Unsafe area surveys
  • Border control
  • Rapid fire detection and extinguishing
  • Homeland security and police missions



  • Fully operable and configurable from remote cloud
  • Cloud-controlled 4 engine tracks
  • Camera output sent OTA for analysis
  • Navigation assistance with proximity sensor
  • Proximity sensor Proximity sensor
  • Ground detection Ground detection
  • Laser distance Laser distance

Path Planner - verifies the path is clear

Mini and mighty, this path finder provides serious footage from the field.


OriginIoT™ systems enable developing IoT products without writing embedded code and without additional RF engineering. An integrated, miniaturized and rapid product cycle is created, dramatically reducing time to market.