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Upcoming Events

Electronica India
Sep 26-28, 2018
Bengaluru, India

Don’t miss out on our fabulous smart cricket ball OriginIoT demo!  Check out your delivery action in real-time; view the measurements of your speed, distance, route, and rounds per minute.

Hear our pitch on how quickly you can build prototypes and accelerate ALL your IoT projects with our system.

IoT Solutions World Congress
Oct 16-18, 2018
Barcelona, Spain
Meet our team

Come chat with is to hear how our fantabulous OriginIoTTM enables developing IoT devices without writing embedded software – at all!

Discuss your ideas, challenges and deadlines for developing IoT devices that connect easily and rapidly to the cloud.

Electronica 2018
Nov 13-16, 2018
Munich, Germany

Take a break at the show. .. Pop in to see us, we’ll be exhibiting our miniature GNSS modules and cellular IoT systems.

We’ll show you just how incredibly easy and cost-effective IoT development can be.

Past Events

MWCA 2018
Sep 12-14, 2018
Los Angeles

Visit our site for a chat, and see our incredible demos firsthand.

Develop and connect your IoT device easily and rapidly to the cloud.

Once clicked and connected, you can measure, monitor, analyze and track whatever you need using a wide variety of add-ons packed with sensors.

Sensor+Test 2018
Jun 26-28, 2018
Nuremberg, Germany

IoT devices in 6 weeks !  Sounds too amazing to be true?

Ask our IoT Product Manager to demo just how this is done.


CeBIT 2018
Jun 11-15, 2018
Hanover, Germany
Let's talk technology over a coffee

Check out CeBIT’s new format:
d!talk – international speakers and visionaries will set out the digital agenda for the future.

d!tec – will bring decision makers, creatives, and disruptive technologies together.

Embedded World Conference
Feb 27-1, 2018
Nuremberg, Germany
Hall 3 Booth 121

Visit our booth to see our miniature fully integrated GPS/GNSS modules and cellular IoT system.
Experience so much from one so small:
Genericity, Connectability, Trackability, Cloud-capable, Stackability

CES 2018
Jan 9-12, 2018
Las Vegas, USA
Meet our miniature OriginIoT system

Discover the world’s smallest GNSS modules and our OriginIoT cellular IoT system while at CES.
We’ll show you how you can IoT-enable anything in just 6 weeks…. And it’s SO easy. No coding. No RF engineering.

Sep 21-23, 2017
Berlin, Germany
Startup Area

The OriginIoT is the ultimate IoT-enabler. Come see for yourself how we made an IoT baseball in just 6 weeks.

Sep 12-14, 2017
San Francisco, USA
Hall North Stand N.609

We’ll be exhibiting our miniature GPS/GNSS and IoT devices at our partner, Embedded Works’  booth. Pop in for a chat. We;ll even let you put our latest cellular IoT device on the tip of your thumb.